As we have already witnessed England is no exception to traffic jams. This seems to be a problem that affects developed and in-developed countries as well. In both cases most of cars go with only one passenger, the driver. This can be an unbearable picture for and engineer since the inefficient use resources. Parking slots, fuel and drivers pocket are the most evident ones, but the list could go on with steel, concrete and others car and road supplies.

Imagine a person that rides alone to his job all the useful life of his car, let say 500 miles. That car served to generate 500 travelled miles to a certain community. But that same car, and all the fuel used on it, could have produced 1000 miles only if the commute was shared with one more person. That potential companion could have been working on the same building of the car owner. If they had arranged to share the car before, the car owner could have saved till the half of money spent in fuel travelling for all those years. That can be a lot of money.

I want to be an active part in generating the following change: Increase the car-shared rides in the UK, and by doing so, increase the cooperation between people and the awareness about this practical and sustainable way of using cars.

Resources are there: huge amounts of cars and many thick roads going everywhere. It is just that we are using them in such an inefficient way.

I am involved in a web-based carpooling enterprise currently running in Italy and Chile.

This is an open project, so any kind of motivation to cooperate or join the team will be welcome!

The plan is to use the already proven system, and adapt to the local culture if necesarry. To incorporate local partners to the project is essential.

This process will take more time that the length of the course, so for the sake of it, my short term objective will be to achieve the use of this system in the CUSA (Cambridge Surfing Association). Currently they are doing a kind of car-pooling by filling car when organising weekend trips to the coast, as I witnessed myself last weekend :). Currently all this synchronization is made by email and is not very practical, so the System can be very useful, BUT implies a change…….keep you informed.


Finally the site is on the air !!!

Still have to clean some things and translate some texts, uff, but most of the work is already done 🙂

I doubted if was going to be able to move and mount the whole site by myself. I am not a programmer. Usually I work with a very good one, but he is in Chile and busy.

Is because of this fact (an also a busy week) that I couldn’t or didn’t advance for some time on the project, or on the blog. I came across with this stepping-stone that was blocking everything else, at least in my mind. What was that finally make me took the courage to mount the site by myself? It an approaching deadline.

This teaches me that partial deadlines are very important for succeeding in making the change happen. When there is no other alternative but a deadline to comply with, it make you look for new options and challenge old preconceptions. I had the prejudice that I was going to need help for making this step. Though it wasn’t easy I could deal it.

The new logo ready!
A chilean Designer was nice enough to do the job. I hope she gets involved in the project too. Willing to get more people from different areas into the team.
Will publish something on Facebook today.

keep in tune…

All Right. Time is running so important decisions had to be rapidly made.

I decided the domain name the Community will have, actually I just bough it.

The original plan was ¨¨ but it was already taken. Stay flexible and adapt fast is my only choice.

Next Step: I ill need to convince a graphic designer to change the actual header of the Chilean community, to add the new name LESTGOUK on the page header.

The idea is to be good enough to convince she or her to do the job free.

keep in tune….

I have researched for current web carpooling initiatives in the UK. There seems to be some systems availablebut not much going on in them. Most of this seem to be to wide in their approach (systems for whole Europe or the whole world). In my opinion this can be an obstacle for success in this kind of initiatives. On the other side I found a one web page that seems to be pretty active:

After founding this service new questions arise in my mind:

  • Is it worth building and offering a new service that has the same functionality as one that already exist?
  • What is the point in competing with them if they are contributing to the ultimate Goal of the project?
  • Will be better to join them instead of competing?

I am realizing that Change can be uncomfortable not only to the affected, but to the implementer as well!

But as we have learned on the last lectures, we must always stay flexible when implementing change.

Anyway there is still a big market (potential car-shared rides) that hasn’t been embrace jet. So there is still lot to contribute, in one or other way.

Now going to the short term objective: Although there are on-line systems available for car sharing, in the CUSA nobody is using them. Why? Is there a resistance to change the way they currently arraigning trips? Are this systems not practical for this purpose?…keep in tune

Currently defining the change I will take…